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普惠农牧机械 Qindao Pratt & Whitney farm machinery limited company located at the Shandong province Pingyi county. Company sets product development, manufacturing, engineering and construction drawing design, technical guidance, installation services as one, the main products include chicken, ducks, pigs and other livestock automatic drinking system, an automatic feeding system, a poultry house automatic ventilation, cooling, insulation and other environmental control system and various ancillary products. To build the standardization, automation, large-scale chicken, duck, pig farm and greenhouse temperature with domestic project project level of sophistication. The company has the industry's most experienced quality management and product development staff. Always adhering to the " survive by quality, seek progress with science and technology, seeking to serve the market principles, all the products in the production process of each process has a perf...  More >>

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Farming Machinery Co., Ltd.,  
ADD:Shandong province qidao County Village Economic Development Zone 
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